Monday, September 5, 2011


This is a massive update on all the cakes I have done in almost two years and never made it to my blog.  I was supposed to be taking a brake because of a pregnancy but I still got some cake orders every once in a while.  Hope you like them.

 A custom made cake, they emailed me the invite and I made the exact picture on the cake with regular frosting.

 This cake was for a cool kid who was turning 7 and really likes guitars.  I tried to make his "mini me" look alike cake topper.

My son is a die hard fan of the movie Cars, this was a special cake for him.

This was the invite to a baby shower, they wanted me to come up with the idea for the whole cake from this.
 And I turned it into this.

I love the details on the cowboy boots.

My niece was having  A Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party and this was her mom's request.

 I was so happy with the way all the food looked.

 A special cake for a wedding anniversary, this is my signature "Very Chocolate" cake, it is absolutely yummy.

 My friend had a Luau birthday party for her daughter and once again it was up to me to come up with the idea for it.  I had so much fun making all the details like the flower on her hair, the flip flops and all the little items around the island.

 Some people are very into John Deere thing.

 My friend requested a last minute cake for her nephew, I don't usually do this but she was in an impossible situation so I helped her out.  It turned out super cute.

 Simple cupcakes.
 For my husband's friend at work
 This is another one of my favorite cakes, a sock monkey cake.  Absolutely adorable.

 This cake was for my husband's birthday last year. Not the greatest cake but the best I could do while being sick.

 I like the pumpkins.
 Special request from another one of my husband's friends at work.  She let it up to me to come up with an elegant idea for her cake.  I love cherry blossoms.

 Hot lips for a fun customer.

I made this cake for a friend's husband, they really like the Orioles

Some times people ask for cakes that mean something to them, I just do what they want.
 This was my son's birthday cake, he loves video games.

 My other son was turning 4 and I was really sick at the time, but I still found a way to make him a cake that put a smile in his face.
 More cupcakes, these ones were for a fall wedding, they were carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and gum paste leaves.

 I don't remember who requested this cupcakes, but I am sure they were for some cute little girl.

 This cake was for my friend's son, it was a Mickey Mouse Club House cake.  I never took a picture of the finished product.
This was for my one frequent client, she likes my cakes!!


Naihe Family said...

HYDE!!! WOW!! You are amazing!! LOVE your cakes!!

Steven said...

I was actually at the party that had the alligator cake. It looked even better in person, and tasted pretty good, too!

trishaz said...

I just love your cakes! I watch Challenge on the Food Network and they make amazing cakes, but you certainly outdo anything I have seen on there! Very talented!!

Cathryn said...

I love them! You forgot to post the cowboy cake from the Blue and Gold Banquet :)!